About DG Vesta

DG Vesta was created in August 2019 and can therefore best be described as a young and fresh company. Before we get acquainted, I would like to tell you a little about myself. The woman behind DG Vesta is me, Daniëlle van Geel. I was born and raised in Eindhoven and I know the city and surrounding villages like the back of my hand. Real estate has always interested me and after working for a real estate agency for a while, I decided to take a big step. It was time to open my own real estate agency. DG Vesta is my baby and I notice how much passion, creativity and enthusiasm I can put into it. Are you curious about what I can do for you? Then read on quickly.

What does DG Vesta mean?

DG stands for my name Daniëlle van Geel and Vesta is the Roman goddess of the domestic hearth. The goddess is known for her kindness and sincerity. She is seen as the advisor and protector of the house, she developed the art of building houses and ensures a safe and warm house. This describes me and the feeling I get from houses. 


How do I make sure that we find your new home together with you?

A house is something very personal. As soon as you step into a home you often feel it immediately. A home can feel safe and warm, which makes you think; I feel at home here! Unfortunately, it's not just about feeling, but also about your future and your investment. Everyone eventually wants to get better from buying or renting a home. It is very important that you are well advised. You can use this advice when you are going to sell, purchase, rent or manage a home. I now have about 20 years of experience in all the above facets and I can therefore assist you in where you need me the most. We decide together where you can use my help and support and immediately see which services are right for you. Full guidance or partial support, it's all possible at DG Vesta. 

Are you an expat? Then use our fine expat service

Eindhoven has grown enormously due to the arrival of international companies such as ASML, High Tech Campus, TUe and Philips. That is why this has become the place to be for expats. If you accept a job in another country and start a new adventure, it is extremely important that you are properly guided in this process. It starts with looking for a new home (a safe haven), but it doesn't stop there! For example, you also need to know which insurance policies you need to take out, how and where you can open a bank account and where the supermarkets or the (sports) schools are and so on. Our expat service includes guidance from A to Z. 


Curious about what I can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.

You can go to DG Vesta to rent out, sell or have your home managed. I also work as a rental, sales and purchase broker. Property management is my passion and I also love to interact with expats. So you can also contact me for the expat service. Over the years I have followed various training and courses so that I can excel in everything I do! Do you have any questions or would you like to schedule a non-binding appointment? Please contact me by phone, email or WhatsApp! Who knows, you may soon move into your dream home, sell your home or invest in beautiful real estate. In any case, I'm happy to be there for you! 

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