Rent out a house

Are you thinking of renting out your house? Then you may have all kinds of reasons for this. You have taken on a temporary job abroad, you are going to live together, or you have invested in an investment property. As a rental agent, DG Vesta supports you in all matters related to renting out your house. On this page you can read what you can arrange in advance before you start renting out an owner-occupied house, what the benefits are and what we can do for you as a rental agent in Eindhoven and the surrounding area.

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What should you think about before you can rent out a home?

Do you want to rent out your house? Then think about the following things first. Are you renting out the house in an upholstered or furnished condition? What is the rental price you can ask? Do you calculate the rental price including or excluding gas, water and light? How should you set up the rental contract? As you have already noticed, there are many things to consider when renting out your home. To make the process run smoothly, you can engage DG Vesta as your rental agent.

How do you determine the rent if you rent out a house?

Do you want to rent out your house in Eindhoven or in the surrounding area? Then you have come to the right place at DG Vesta. As a rental agent, we have experience in determining the rental price of your house or apartment. Before the rental price is determined, you must follow the points system. The number of points that your house earns determines whether your home is a social or private sector rental home in Eindhoven or in the surrounding area. The points system is used to determine the quality of your home. The points are given on various components, such as the living space of the house, the surface of the storage room, garage or utility room, how many rooms in the house are heated, what energy label your house has, the WOZ value, the sanitary facilities and much more.

As a rental agent, we are happy to advise you on determining the rental price. In addition, we can look at how you can improve certain points within the house, so that you can increase the rental price in the long term and improve the quality of the house.

Enable DG Vesta as your personal rental agent

At DG Vesta we are happy to advise you about the possibilities of renting out your house. Firstly, we work carefully when looking for a suitable tenant and we do the necessary checks and screenings in advance with regard to the new tenant. In addition, we take care of the entire rental process with:

  • Professional recording of the house;
  • Placing a V-sign for rent;
  • Advice on the rental and market conditions;
  • Professional photo report;
  • Measuring the house;
  • Advert layout in Dutch and English;
  • Brochure in Dutch and English;
  • Presentation on several rental websites including Funda and Pararius and our own website;
  • Presentation on all Social Media channels;
  • We offer the object to: expats, multinationals and relocation agencies;
  • Perform a tenant check;
  • Making the rental agreement;
  • Collecting the first month's rent and the deposit;
  • Carrying out the initial inspection and key transfer;
  • Registration of gas, water and electricity.

Would you like to have more information about renting out your house? Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp. We are happy to look at the possibilities of renting out your house together with you.

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