Property management

Are you thinking about investing in real estate, but you have not enough time to manage everything independently? Then property management ensures that you can enjoy your investment without any worries. You can outsource the most important tasks related to letting the property to DG Vesta. On this page you can read exactly what real estate management entails, what benefits are attached to it and from which types of home management you can choose at DG Vesta. We are also happy to tell you what happens when problems arise with your property. Finally, you will find out why it is best to choose property management through DG Vesta.


What exactly is real estate management?

Another word for property management is home management. When you invest in real estate, you can choose to have the property managed by a real estate manager. The property manager is the intermediary between you, the owner of the property or house, and the tenant. In addition, we can also act if contact has to be made with third parties, for example for repairs, maintenance, the engagement of a bailiff or a collection agency. All correspondence, invoices, documents etc are tracked in your own online portal. DG Vesta has experience with both forms of housing management, namely technical and financial management. 

What are the benefits of property management?

Investing in real estate is an advantage in itself. When you put your money in bricks, you are making a safe investment. In order not to spend too much time managing your real estate, convenience is one of the reasons why you could opt for real estate management. You enjoy the return from your investment without having to worry about it. Investing in real estate is interesting and ensures that your assets can increase over the years. In addition, vacancy management prevents your home from being squatted or falling into disrepair.

From what types of property management can you choose from at DG Vesta?

At DG Vesta you can choose between financial management or our total package. With financial management, we take the tasks related to the financial and administrative management of your real estate off your hands. Consider, for example, the following tasks:

  • Maintaining contact with the tenant;
  • Creating and maintaining the administration;
  • Monthly invoicing and collection of the rent;
  • Take measures to prevent debt collection cases;
  • If necessary, engage a debt collection agency or bailiff;
  • Transferring rents;
  • Administer and settle advances and costs of services and service costs;
  • Pass on municipal taxes and levies to the tenant;
  • Write to the tenant in a timely manner and arrange for the annual rent increase;
  • Managing the deposits;
  • Drawing up a final inspection report and settling the deposit;
  • Renting out vacant real estate;
  • Making up rental agreements;
  • Carrying out an initial inspection;
  • Registration of gas, water and electricity.

When you choose for the total package, we take care of the financial and technical management of your property. This includes receiving and handling any questions, complaints and/or malfunctions of the tenant and landlord. You can think about:

  • Handling tenant reports of technical deficiencies
  • Conducting an inspection in case of complaints
  • Providing maintenance or repair orders on behalf of the owner
  • Engage the right companies or the references you may have provided
  • Communication between the tenant and the company/person to be engaged
  • Providing access to the property if the tenant is unable to attend
  • Fixing technical faults
  • Cost control of the work
  • Archiving relevant documents with regard to all mentioned activities

What if problems arise regard to the condition of your property?

Of course, we will always inform you of problems. Only in the event of an emergency repair, such as a broken gas or water pipe, etc., are we authorized to have repairs carried out on your behalf. We may only do this when you cannot be reached, so that we can prevent possible consequential damage. Do you want more information about managing your real estate? Please contact us by phone, WhatsApp or email.

Why is it the best to leave your property management to DG Vesta?

At DG Vesta we work with a lot of passion and the right drive to keep all our customers happy. Real estate is our specialty. In addition, we have years of experience with both financial and technical real estate management. We offer you our tailor-made services, so that you can indicate all your wishes regarding home management in advance. Together we look at the best solutions and the most interesting possibilities to get the most out of your investment in real estate. Are you curious about what exactly we can do for you? Then immediately schedule an appointment with us to discuss the management of your real estate with us, while enjoying a cup of coffee.

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