Purchase guidance

Are you planning to buy a house or apartment? Then of course you want to do this large expense in a responsible way. Did you know that you can engage DG Vesta as your purchase broker during the purchase process of your own house? We provide purchase guidance, giving you the opportunity to buy your dream home. Buying a house is not just something. Buying a house comes with a lot of financial responsibility. Engage our purchase guidance if you would like to be supported during the purchase process by a committed and experienced professional in this area. Who knows, you may receive the keys to your dream home soon!


What are the benefits of purchase guidance?

Purchase guidance can be understood as many different forms of support when buying your house. An advantage of using a purchase broker is the fact that you have someone on your side during the purchase process. As a purchase broker, we protect your interests and ensure that you will ultimately pay a good price for your dream home. We make every effort to calculate the value of the home you have in mind. When we know what the property is worth, we can negotiate the final purchase price for you.

In addition, it is sometimes smart to have a building inspection carried out. We can also arrange this for you. By having the house inspected in advance, you discover hidden defects and prevent you from making a bad purchase. We also guide you after the successful purchase of your owner-occupied home. Do you have any questions? Do you want to sell the house after a few years? We are at your disposal with several services! Feel free to contact us to find out what DG Vesta can do for you.

What can you expect from the purchase guidance by DG Vesta?

During the search for your dream house, you ask yourself all kinds of questions. What kind of house am I looking for? Where do I want to live? What's involved? Buying a house is probably one of the biggest purchases of your life. You have to deal with many unknown matters, such as financial, architectural and legal issues. All you want to do is buy this house, because you feel so good in this house. You only have an eye for that beautiful kitchen and that luxurious bathroom, but maybe the roof needs to be replaced or the insulation is not good.

At DG Vesta we look at a house in a different way, because we don't feel the emotion you feel with a house. And that is positive during the negotiation.

Always keep in mind that the selling broker acts in the interest of the seller and of course wants to achieve the best possible result for his seller. When you engage us as your purchase broker, we represent your interests and we can realize a purchase under the best conditions and for the lowest possible purchase price.

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