Expat service

Moving to another country. This is exciting and sometimes stressful, especially when it concerns an entire family. There is a lot involved and different rules and laws apply. You need to search and find your new home.


We are happy to guide you through the process and ensure you that you only have to think about the fun things. We offer customized packages so that all necessary needs are provided. We can communicate by e-mail, telephone or via a facetime if you are not in the Netherlands so that the first personal contact is established immediately.

During the introduction meeting we will discuss what your wishes are and where we can assist you. We will provide you with expert- and personal advice based on your wishes. You can think of: renting or buying a house, the rental conditions, mortgage and tax arrangements. We will look after your interests. We will take in mind your employer's housing policy, family composition, travel time to your work and your own wishes. After this we will start immediately to find the right property and to plan the viewings. After you have chosen a property, we will start the negotiations and prepare the legal documents. Then the following points are discussed such as:

  • Connecting gas, water and light
  • Applying for a parking permit
  • Register at the municipality
  • Opening a Dutch bank account
  • Insurances
  • Information about schools, sports clubs, language courses
  • Information about dentist, doctor, hospitals
  • Information about hairdressers, beauty salons, spas
  • Information about restaurants, museums, places of entertainment, festivals
  • Of course, you can also ask us for advice regarding other Relocation services that are not mentioned above.

We take care of successful purchase guidance / rental mediation from A to Z. If you want to know more about our expat service for you as an employee or as an employer, please contact us for an informal conversation.

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