Property management

When you are renting out your property and you want to enjoy it without worries, we can manage the property for you. One of the reasons is convenience. You will enjoy your investment without worrying about it. You will have the choice of financial management, Technical management or the total package. With financial management we take care of the financial and administrative management of your real estate.


  • Maintaining contact with the tenant(s)
  • Creating and maintaining an administration
  • Monthly invoicing and collection of the rent
  • Take timely measures to prevent debt collection cases
  • If necessary, call in a collection agency or bailiff
  • Transfer of rent
  • Manage and settle advances and costs of services
  • Pass on the municipal taxes and levies to the tenant
  • Corresponding of the annual rent increase
  • Managing the deposits
  • Preparation of the final inspection report and settlement of the deposit
  • The rental of vacant real estate
  • Drawing up rental agreements
  • Performing an initial inspection
  • Helping with registration of gas, water and electricity.

If you choose the total package, we take care of the financial and technical management. Taking care and handling all questions, complaints and / or malfunctions of the tenant and landlord. With technical management we will take care of:

  • Handling reports from tenants of technical imperfections
  • Carrying out an inspection in the event of complaints
  • Providing maintenance or repair orders on behalf of the owner
  • Engage the right companies or any references you provide
  • Communication between the tenant and the company / person to be engaged
  • Providing access to the property if the tenant is unable to attend
  • Troubleshooting technical malfunctions
  • Cost control of the work that has to be done
  • Archiving of relevant documents regard to all activities mentioned

Of course, we will always inform you of things that has to be fixed. Only in the event of an urgent repair, such as a broken gas or water pipe, we are authorized to have repairs carried out on your behalf when you cannot be reached, to prevent consequential damage. If you want more information about managing your real estate, let us know.

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